A dumpster that says Art Museum

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Tweeting My Way Thru #ArtSchool

Suzanne Maruska once made a skirt with a repeated pattern of William Shatner’s head. Most of what I have to say about Suzanne is summed up in that sentence. I lived with her in Baltimore, and partially with her urging ended up in Philadelphia. She always brings a playful perspective to situations and thinks deeply about most anything she sees. She is a talented fibers artist and a great writer. She can be found out and about at many First Fridays and museum nights in Philadelphia, and really cares about our city and its art scene. – Kat Zagaria, Curator


Notre Dame. Photo by Valerie Gay.

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An Insta-Takeover by Valerie V. Gay

Valerie Gay is a multi-talented woman. Val is the executive director of Art Sanctuary, and before that, she worked in institutional advancement at Temple University and as a Vice President at PNC. Val is a trained opera singer and still performs in the area, conducts choirs, and runs financial literacy classes (in all her spare time!). She’s making a huge impact on art in Philadelphia, and I couldn’t be happier to have her as a part of this week’s Curate This.

-Jane Golden, Curator